Saturday, June 18, 2011

Christmas In July & Mug Rugs

On StitchMap we have some wondeful swaps several times during the year. Connie, our Swap Coodinator, makes sure that they run smoothly. With all of the very talented and generous stitchers on StitchMap we are never disappointed with the items we receive in the swaps.

One of our most popular annual swaps, Christmas in July, is coming up soon and we hset up a poll this time to find out exactly what type of Christmas/Holiday item the members are interested in swapping this year. The Christmas in July swap is always fun. Last year we swapped Christmas ornaments done in our own favorite technique. There were ornaments done in Hardanger, cross stitch, needlepoint, blackwork, silk ribbon embroidery and crazy quilt. There were even some Chinese Dragon Boats swapped......very unusual and soooo beautiful. I still get excited remembering all the beautiful ornaments everyone made for each other!

This year our members got to choose between making Christmas ornaments again or Mug Rugs or swapping both items. Oh.... the agony of having choices! I have been dreaming about possibly making or receiving a Christmas Mug Rug. Perhaps a Mug Rug that could be used all year round would be best? Personally, I believe I would use my Christmas mug rug all year around! I just love the choices this year!

The poll results showed 58% in favor of swapping just Mug Rugs, 29% in favor of swapping both and just 19% in favor of doing a holiday ornament. So, Mug Rugs it will be. I suppose I can always stick in some Christmas cocoas or a special little hand stitched item. That is the fun of a the unexpected too.

The mentors of MAP recently had a Mug Rug Swap of their own. Each mentor could make and swap as many as 3 of these little beauties. Here are some pictures of a few that were done.

This quilted mug rug was made by Ruby R. for Susie J. Loving the Christmas colors here.

This reversible mug rug with the matching snack bowl and tea caddy case was made for List Mom Shari by Amber R. Isn't that a clever little bowl for Shari to put her jelly beans in?

This cozy mug rug was made using selvages and a simple coffee cup embroidery of redwork stitches done in brown. It was made by Shari for Mona D. She also included a variety of teas in the package.

See you on StitchMap.

Lyn G.
aka;Ms Mischief

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