Monday, May 16, 2011

Mischief On Map

Every once in a while we have an activity on MAP that does not seem to be really stitching related. These little Off Topic Events are much enjoyed by the membership as they are usually done at the expense of our List Mom's embarassment. They mostly occur when I, fondly called Ms. Mischief by the members, come up with something a bit sticky to get into. This past week I came up with the idea of having a contest for which I would offer a skein of floss as the prize for everyone with the right answer. The idea came to me while I was watching a late night movie starring several classic western heros.

One of the actors in the movie I was watching was someone I knew that our List Mom, Shari, had a big crush on when she was younger. So, I devised a way to let the ladies tease her while trying to win the floss. I am sure we have all had similar crushes on movie stars or musicians, etc. My own crush was a rock singer who gave my mother the fits....David Lee Roth. I remember I had a great poster of him that my mother really did not like! But, back to torturing Shari.......

The next day I posted an email to the members that contained a list of characters in the movie. They were to guess the name of the movie. Whoever guessed the name of the movie right would win a skein of DMC floss which would be sent in the mail. Can you guess the movie?? Here are the characters:

John Wayne
Dean Martin
Walter Brennen
Ward Bond
Angie Dickenson
Claude Akins
Ricky Nelson.

Of course, I had to ask them who they thought she had a crush on and why they chose that particular person. In the end everyone had so much fun teasing her about her crush that they lost sight of the movie title. Like Mischief sometimes does, it took on a life of its own and became more of a contest for guessing her crush guy than the movie. Shari, with great humor, regaled us with stories about this fellow. In the end I sent everyone who even responded a skein of floss (everyone became a winner!) because I so enjoyed the hilarious comments they made about the fellow and Shari. Could you have guessed the name of the movie? What about her crush guy?

Let this be a lesson to can all be brought back to needle and thread somehow. Don't miss a chance to play with Ms. Mischief on MAP from time to time.

H'mmmm.....Can anyone remember a David Lee Roth song? (Shhh.....don't get me started!)

Have a great day!

Lyn G.
aka; Ms Mischief

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shawkl said...

"California Girls!"