Sunday, March 8, 2015

Stitching for Literacy!

When the opportunity affords itself, the members of StitchMAP enjoy participating in philanthropic efforts that involve needlearts of one form or another.  Our group Mom recently received of an opportunity that allows us to join her in Stitching for literacy, which serves a worthwhile purpose and promotes needlework.

Each of our members who wishes to participate will stitch 1 or more bookmarks in the style or technique of their choice for the Literacy Program at Mountain View Elementary School in anchorage, Alaska. 

The school mascot is the Mustang and the school colors are blue and yellow if you want to make your book mark in their colors, but it is not necessary......any color combo in any technique will be appreciated.

We would like to invite our stitching friends to help the staff at Mountain View honor the students who completed their required hours of reading, by gifting them with a new bookmark. In years past they have had the help of a local EGA Chapter but their membership numbers have dwindled and they closed their chapter. The staff has depleted their available supply of bookmarks and are in desperate need. 

Do you have hand-stitched bookmarks looking for homes? Would you be willing to stitch one or more? The bookmark can be of any age-appropriate, non-religious pattern. It can be made with any embroidery technique: cross stitch, needlepoint, crewel, Hardanger, or something else. 

We need the finished book marks ASAP. The distribution ceremony take place in April. We need to mail them by the last day of March.
We would like as many people as possible to use this opportunity to share their stitching talents and reinforce to these young children how rewarding reading can be. As adults we realize it is vital to their future successin life! Yes, the timing is short but . . . you might possibly have a stitched bookmark laying around that is in good condition and not being used. The children would greatly appreciate the reward they have worked so hard to earn. If you have time to put together some bookmarks, anything done in some type of needlework, patchwork, crochet, knitting, etc. will work. Let's work together to help the kids at Mountain View Elementary.
Here are some links to simple bookmarks to help inspire you and get you started thinking: 

Recycled Markers  This is just a button and some scrap fabric...really easy. You could easily adapt it with some embroidery and/or embellishment on a solid fabric.
No Sew Fabric Bookmark  No sewing, just iron-on interfacing, also easily embellished with stitching, buttons or beads.

 Fun and Easy Bookmarks   For CQ fans, a link from a previous Fun Friday Tute

Or, do you enjoy crochet?  Crocheted Bookmark

Bookmarks need to be received by March 28 so they can be mailed to Alaska on March 30.  This will ensure they reach the school in time for their distribution ceremony. Are you up to the challenge?!!  If you can make a bookmark (or 2 or more) in time and you're NOT a StitchMAP member, please leave a comment with your e-mail address so mailing instructions can be sent to you.
If you have a literacy program near you that you would like us to support, let us know in the comments and we can do this again. In fact, if you have a personal favorite charity that could use some assistance from our group with needlework or the collection of something sewing/stitching related, please let us know that in the comments, as well. Projects like these are a great way to send a positive message to the communities we live in that women with needles and thread really care.

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