Saturday, January 17, 2015

A New Year

January, the first month of the year, seems to be the month for self-evaluation, resolutions, goal-working and change. I'm sure many of us have gone through (or are still going through) that process with regard to our personal lives, so it should be no surprise that some of those same processes are going on in the life of StitchMAP!

First, a major change in the membership approval process. No more will new members have only ten days to complete and return the group questionnaire before having membership revoked. Settings have been changed so that completion of the questionnaire is not required for you to view group photos, participate in chats, join in with your opinion on Talk Shop Thursday topics, peruse the links, files and such. However, in order to participate in StitchMAP Classes, Challenges and Swaps, the completed questionnaire must be returned. You may also participate in Fun Friday Tutes and the Trivia Teasers (but you will NOT BE eligible for the associated prizes unless your questionnaire has been returned and your contact info is on file). Not a member of StitchMAP? It's easy -- click on the picture of the little girl stitching on the sidebar.

Change 2 comes in the way of a more complete Course Catalog! A brand new catalog has been prepared for 2015, filled with Courses, Challenges, LABS and Learning Modules -- all of which are designed to help grow and broaden your stitching skills and abilities! 

Connie K.'s finished journal cover
Fabric Weaving Course
Courses cover the fundamentals of the technique being offered. Each course consists of multiple lessons, with several exercises built into each. With Courses, one-one-one mentoring is assigned and the apprentice submits completed exercises to their mentor prior to moving on to the next. Several StitchMAP courses are prerequisite courses, teaching foundational stitches and techniques. Courses generally last 8 - 10 weeks.

Shari's Victorian Pin Cushion Challenge
Challenges are mini-courses that almost always result in the completion of a fun project. They consist of no more than 5 installments, and generally last 2-4 weeks. The purpose of a Challenge is to give a bit more in-depth attention to a specific technique, overall project concept, a series of stitches or finishing methods. 

Shari's Hex LABS - Celtic Knot
LABS stands for Learning to Build Skills. These StitchMAP offerings consist of multiple, more in-depth lessons on one or more combined techniques. Work done in LABS will result in a finished project(s). Lessons are presented one per month with subsequent lessons provide only if the prior lesson has been satisfactorily completed. LABS generally last 8-15 months.

Modules are a single text of instruction. They result in a finished piece of embroidery, but the project application is left up to the individual. Modules are self-paced. However, like the LABS, subsequent Modules will only be provided if the prior Module has been completed. 

One-on-one mentors are not assigned for Challenges, LABS, and Modules, however, mentoring advice is is available upon request to help you through any difficulty you might encounter with the new stitches, etc..

The 2015 Course Catalog, with details of all of the incredible opportunities available through StitchMAP, is posted in the "FILES" section on the group's site. 

A third change definitely worth mentioning is the blog! We plan on making weekly posts, keeping members (and would-be members) apprised on the happenings of the group and perhaps offer the occasional Teaser--and freebie--or two! We hope you'll check in often, making the most of all that StitchMAP has to offer. Your comments are always welcome -- what do you think of StitchMAP's changes?!


shawkl said...

BRAVO! The "new" blog looks great! Love the lace too! Excited about the new classes and the ever expanding wonderful addition of new techniques for challenges and more!

Zandra said...

Glad the blog is active again and am looking forward to all the opportunities this group offers. Zandra in Hot Springs Arkansas

Lisa Dunn said...
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Lisa Dunn said...

The blog looks wonderful! Thank you for taking this on for us Denise. :o)

I love the revamped Stitchmap. I'm excited and looking forward to a great year of stitching with everyone.

Candace Long said...

The "new" blog is wonderful! Thank you for your hard work in getting the blog active again. I am sure this will be an exciting year at StitchMap and K.N.A.S.S.

Ann S said...

This looks amazing. I am really looking forward to starting the CTC course and joining this lively and inspiring group. The page in itself is wonderfully inspiring.

Love To Craft said...

Thank you for giving me the choice to receive email reminders of updates. In 5 years I have always forgot to check our website. Great job.
Caroline W.

Suztats said...

So nice to see the blog up and running again! I'm excited about the new changes at StitchMAP and look forward to regular blog posts. Yay!

Tammy said...

Thank you for making the blog active again. I already have it added to my Bloglovin list so I will not miss a single post.

Connie said...

I'm really looking forward to the re-activated blog posts! The new class opportunities are exciting. (-;

Hobby Sewer said...

Nice to see this active blog.


Anita said...

Hi Denise, the new blog looks amazing! It's good to know that the blog is active :-)

Wendy said...

The blog looks wonderful and I am looking forward to a great year at stitchmap and having the blog up to date will be perfect.