Tuesday, September 20, 2011

And So It Begins.....

Donations have begun to arrive for our Fire Relief Effort. The first donation that came was from a MAP member in Alabama. It contained some really great books

.......and a wonderful assortment of perle cotton threads.

Later in the week my husband graciously agreed to drive me to Denver to pick up a large donation from a member of the Rocky Mountain Crazy Quilter's Association. The lady helped to fill the backend of our Suburban with 7 large boxes and 15 very large black garbage bags. Let me tell you that there isn't any garbage in those bags!

I have just begun to sort out what is there and it will take me several more days to finish. So far I have discovered that she has donated quilting patterns, magazines, fabric, q-snaps, buttons, quilting templates, and some specialty yarns. There is stuff that I haven't even been able to get to yet.

In these pictures you can see my hubby and I are unloading the first bags once we got home. To tell the truth, I took that one bag in the house and then Moon helped him unload the remaining bags and boxes while I held the front door open! They are real troopers!

If you have extra stash items that you would like to donate to the ladies of Batrop and the surrounding communities, please email me at ladyjspice@aol.com I will be keeping everyone updated through this blog from now until we deliver in early February. We are accepting donations of Christmas ornaments and stockings up until the weekend before Thanksgiving (Nov. 19-20). These will given to the ladies who lost their cherished holiday items when their house burned to the ground. Email me for details.

Hugs, Shari

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