Sunday, October 10, 2010

Let's Talk shop!

On StitchMap we have a regular feature entitled the Thursday Talk Shop Segment! Nearly every Thursdays our list mom, Shari, posts a question to the group about some aspect of stitching and everyone gets to discuss it!! These segments are greatly informative for the beginner and experienced alike! Sometimes the discussion will go on for several days. The most helpful hints and advice comes out of the Thursday Talk Shop Segment (TTSS)! We all learn from each other new sources, ways of doing things and ways to get motivated, etc.

Here is an actual TTSS Post from Shari:

"Everyone should be getting their first Challenge Installment today (if they remembered to sign up with Ann). Part of the Challenge is finding a certain type of needlework pattern. This made me think ......... where do people go to get their patterns? Do you look on-line under certain topics? Do you check out coloring books, the commercial pattern transfers or something else?

I will share that one of my favorite (out of the ordinary) places to look is in my cake decorating books. They are especially handy if I am looking for simple embroidery or applique patterns. The shapes in cake decorating are usually very simple and lend themselves to being done with applique, needle punch or surface embroidery techniques like redwork and crewel.

I have other sources that I check but I am waiting to hear where you look for patterns. If it is on-line can you share the link? If you have a favorite transfer book or company please tell us which one and where can we find it ourselves? "

And here are acutal responses from some of our members:

"These are great ideas Shari, I have found a lot of patterns at antique stores and estate sales. I love the coloring book idea especially for children"..............Shelly R. UT


"I occasionally do an online search and actually find something worthwhile. My most recent find was on

There's a group call Hoop Love Vintage Transfers. Great source.

I have used coloring books. I collect vintage transfers and embroidery patterns whenever I can find them or afford them. Aunt Martha, The Workbasket, Vogart . I have Workbasket magazines and patterns mailed in an envelope marked The Workbasket and Modern Handicraft. I have used applique patterns for embroidery or punch needle. I use to go to a lot of auctions (estates) but now mostly what I buy is online with occasional finds at the thrift store or yard sale"......... Ruby


"Y'all, I buy my Aunt Martha's patterns from the source. and I've never been disapointed at all. They have patterns that are soon to be retired and some really great patterns that are new but look vintage. Someone was looking for peacocks earlier and they have 2 that I have seen"...... Eileene


So? Where do you find your stitching patterns? Is it an online source or from your local shop?

Lyn Gaskill
AKA: Ms Mischief

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