Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Stash Angels Help A Member Be An Angel

We recently had a new member join who makes child sized blankets and comfort articles for small children at a shelter near her home. She told us she was running low on supplies and wondered if our members could help. Our Stash Angels came to the rescue, sending fabrics, threads and whatever they thought might help. Here is a copy of her letter to the Stash Angels of MAP.

"I've been very remiss in not writing this sooner. Truth be told, words failed me....Stash Angels!!! How well you wear your name!

Truth is that by your generosity and caring I am now able to help 'my' safe houses children feel loved and cared for. Not only by me but as I tell the children, most especially by all those wonderful ladies who have sent the fabric/floss that is coming from quite far away for them.

Words cannot tell you the difference you have made in 'our' lives ladies! Even that special word: THANK YOU!!! is barely enough to show my appreciation.

The greatest gift one can receive and that YOU have given me is to feel needed, to know I can make a difference. I am truly blessed and I have received so much and to be able to help others, specially children, is a true miracle. Being home/wheelchair bound,living alone, I could not, without you, feel that special kind of warmth that comes from giving.

Your caring, generosity, dedication, is well above and beyond what anyone could expect. You truly ARE ANGELS!!!!!

And this I say not only to my stash Angels but to all of you, whether or not I have been touched by you personally. Anyone who has ever given to others, anyone who has wished she could be an angel but could not for one reason or another, you will be included in my prayers each day. I hope you will always be blessed because you truly are the Chosen Ones.

May you be blessed always!

THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It makes our collective hearts feel warm when we know that our help has done so much good and the recipients can feel the love that was included in the package.

You are welcome, Sybil and so are the children....who are so lucky to have you watching over them

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