Saturday, January 2, 2010

Progress On The Replacement Wedding Quilt

In a previous post you read about how StitchMap had taken on, as a group project, replacing a special wedding gift that had been lost in a house fire. Nekkid blocks were made up and sent out to some of our members to embellish. The holidays kind of interrupted our progress. So, for the new year we are all hopping back on the bandwagon to get them done. We want the quilt to be put together and sent on to the owners as soon as possible. These are pictures of the blocks that have been sent back as of today's date. The names of the members who signed the blocks are above the pictures.

They are so beautiful! All the ladies have just outdone themselves! Also returned is one of the 2 cross stitch labels that will be attached to the back of the quilt. This one is from Deb O. of Colorado.

As the blocks are returned they will be posted for your enjoyment.

Lyn G

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Anonymous said...

What beautiful work for such a great cause:) Debbie's cross stitch label turned out beautifully. Wonderful work Ladies!!!

Ann Flowers