Tuesday, July 14, 2009

BCQC Classes Have Begun

There are currently 16 members of StitchMAP participating in a pilot class for our Basic Crazy Quilting Course. They are deep into Lesson 3 at this time. Each participant has studied about various types of fabric and thread. Each has studied a bit about scale and proportion as it relates to crazy quilt block construction and embellishment. They have had time to download and prepare their own set of CQ stitching templates. They have submitted their fabric and color choices to their mentors for approval and have begun to collect their embellishments for the CQ blocks they will be creating.

This past week they started the construction of the CQ blocks for their first project. For several of these ladies it is the first time they have ever constructed a crazy quilt block. Each lady is receiving one-on-one mentoring from one of our volunteer mentors. Before the month is over they will have also made 2 smaller blocks to complete what they need for their required class projects. They will be learning 3 methods of block construction in this first lesson. The class is set up to provide each student with 3 finished projects at the end. Those that wish to may make an optional 4th project using one of the construction methods they have just learned.

We also have 8 other members who are participating in a fun exercise called The One Stitch Challenge. They have each submitted the name of 3 embroidery stitches that they would like to learn or perfect. The goal for this Challenge is to make 3 small projects from a list of choices supplied to them. They have received their first lesson and are busy trying their hand at painting their fabrics.

Here is a picture that shows the painted fabric that one member, Theresa E., has prepared as her One Stitch Challenge background. It will become the top of a round Altoid tin when she has completed the stitching part of the challenge. She is off to a great start!

We are happy to report that we had 22 new members in the month of June and already have 10 new members this month. Welcome to each and every one of them.

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