Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Who's Asking?

Long time members of StitchMAP all have one thing in common besides their love of needlework . . . they have completed and returned the Membership Questionnaire sent out by the group's owner when they first applied to join the group.  Why is the questionnaire so important? I'm so glad you asked!

Up until January 2015, continued membership at StitchMAP was dependent upon completing and returning the questionnaire. It's not a test, nor is it terribly long or probing. The information asked for allows the group owner (Shari) to better understand the proficiencies and interests of each member.  There are a few technology-related questions about internet connection and blog/photo stream ownership, as well as a some questions that provide helpful insight  (like are you right or left handed) so that apprentices can be matched up with the best possible mentor.  All personal contact information is kept private, stored offline rather than on the group site.  It is never given out to anyone without your permission, not even your mentor!  
At the beginning of 2015, the decision was made to try dropping the requirement that each member of StitchMAP complete the questionnaire and return it within a certain time frame in order to remain a member. While lurking is not encouraged on this group, Shari hopes this new policy will allow more needleworkers a chance to participate in group discussions that will help them with various aspects of their stitching.  In turn this should encourage them to take the actual Courses.  She thinks that having additional time to enjoy the eye candy in the photo albums and having more chances to see the work that is done in the classes will help everyone realize that there is a lot to be learned by taking a mentored course at MAP.  Shari believes true learning comes from actually stitching and completing the projects done in Courses, LABS and Challenges. With one-on-one mentoring you can expect to receive honest assessments of your work while being offered constructive solutions if problems arise. However, in order to participate in Courses, Swaps, LABS and Challenges (as well as to be eligible for any of the fabulous prizes for FFT's and Trivia Teasers), you must have returned a questionnaire!!

And, for all current members . . . have you moved, changed your e-mail address or phone number? Remember that this is the time of the year that we need to double check and make sure our information is current!!  As any member who has taken a class at MAP knows, Shari does contact class members personally prior to making the final mentor/apprentice assignments for all classes.  Often, it is by phone. How many groups do you belong to where you actually get to talk directly with the group owner to get insight about the group?  It is a personal and private opportunity for members to learn more about the purpose of MAP, how classes are handled and to get any questions they might have answered by the lady who can best explain the StitchMAP philosophy.  She also encourages members to call her or email her whenever they have questions about a technique or project they are currently exploring or working on.  She welcomes input on the quality and content of the classes that are offered.   

So, what are you waiting for??  If you haven't already done so, return that questionnaire and receive *ALL* the benefits of membership!! The only excuse to not turning in your questionnaire is if you're having a . . .
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